Product Specification

Size Options Fabric Options
  • 8 diameter
  • 12 diameter
  • 18 diameter
  • 24" diameter
  • Standard Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Biodegradeable


A silt sock is a tubular-shaped material comprised of a fabric exterior filled with wood chips or compost. The material used in the sock is an environmentally safe material. The silt sock fabric comes in rolls of 600 – 1000 feet.

The silt sock is typically laid on the top of the ground along the down-slope areas and along side-slope areas as required to prevent or reduce erosion. The silt sock is either lapped or butted at the ends to create a continuous line of defense. Staking the sock is not usually required. The first water to contact the sock is absorbed “staking” the sock in place by its weight alone. In greater sloped areas the sock may be secured in place by stakes or other supports.